Board of Governers

IDNameDesignationDesignation in the Board
01Maulana Gulam Mohamad VastanviPresident, (JIIU’S charitable and Educational trustChairman
02Hafiz Ishaque VastanviVice-President, (JIIU’S charitable and Educational trust)Member
03Haji Ibrahim Usman Dada KundaSecretary, (JIIU’S charitable and Educational trust)Member
04Maulana Huzaifa G. VastanviAdministrator, (JIIU’S charitable and Educational trust)Member
05Prof. Syed I.S.Vice-Principal, JIEMS AkkalkuwaMember
06Haji Yaqoob EbrahimTrustee (JIIU’S charitable and Educational trust)Member
07Haji Ilyas SulemanBalochTrustee( JIIU’S charitable and Educational trust)Member
08Dr. S.B. SahooNominee of AICTEMember
09Dr. S. K. MahajanNominee of State Govt.Member
10Dr. M.V. BarideNominee of UniversityMember
11Mr. Yunus Ismail KhanIndustrialistMember
12Mr. Faruk I. KhanIndustrialistMember
13Dr. Syed K.S.Principal, JIEMS AkkalkuwaMember & Secretary

Intake Capacity

01B.E. (Civil Engg.)60
02B.E. (Mechanical Engg.)60
03B.E. (Electrical Engg.)60
04B.E. (Computer Science & Engg.)60
05B.E. (Electronics and Telecomm. Engg.-ETC)60

Local Management Committee

IDNameDesignationMembership Type
01Maulana Gulam Mohamad VastanviPresidentChairman
02Maulana Huzaifa G.VastanviAdministratorMember
03Ad.Sarju N.ShahAdvocateMember
04Mr. Sufee Mohd. Haneef UsmanTax AdvisorMember
05Mr. Yunus Ismail KhanIndustrialistMember
06Prof. Syed IrfanVice-PrincipalTeaching Member
07Prof. Mohammad ShakirDean Academics & HOD E&TCTeaching Member
08Prof. Mrs. Siddiqui NaziyaAssistant ProfessorTeaching Member
09Mr. Sayyad ImtiyazOffice SuperintendentNon- Teaching Member
10Dr. Syed K.SPrincipalMember & Secretary

Office Staff

01Admission Section & CertificationsMr. Sayyad Imtiyaz09767793444
02Scholarship Section & Caste Validity forwardedMr. Abdul Raheem08855009317
03Examination SectionMr. Idris Makrani9673203249
04Cash SectionMr. Mirza Moin09373720785
05Account Section(Head Office)Mr. Zubair Panchbhaya09881139504
06Account Section(Head Office)Mr. Akram Shaikh09405889786

Academic Council

IDNameDesignationMembership Type
01Dr. Syed K. S.PrincipalChairman
02Prof. Syed I. S.Vice-PrincipalMember
03Prof. Mohammad ShakirDean- AcademicsMember
04Prof.Waseem SiddiquiDean- Student AffairsMember
05Prof. Ziyaur RahmanDean- Faculty DevelopmentMember
06Prof. Joya JubairDean- Research and DevelopmentMember
07Mr. Imtiyaz SayyadOffice SuperintendentMember
08Prof. Pawan BhawsarHOD Civil EngineeringMember
09Prof. Bhadane D VHOD Mech. EngineeringMember
10Prof. Junaid ShaikhHOD Electrical EngineeringMember
11Prof. Mohammad ShakirHOD E&TCMember
12Prof. Waseem SiddiquiHOD Computer Science &Engg.Member
13Mr. Syed Noor AgaLibrarianMember
14Prof.Junaid QuaziPhysical DirectorMember
15Prof. Javid ShaikhPlacement OfficerMember

Anti-Ragging Committee

Responsibility lies with respective staff (Under controller of Office Superintendent)

01Prof. Touheed MujawarExecutive DirectorChairman8975444555
02Dr. Syed K.S.PrincipalMember9404804762
03Prof. Syed IrfanVice-PrincipalMember9665181588
04Prof.Waseem SiddiquiAsst. ProfessorMember9325110999
05Hafiz Ab. SamadManager (Food & Lodging)Member Squad-
06Mr. Mateen AhmedRector Boys HostelMember9822213668
07Mr.Adil AnsariStudent Representative(Boys)Member-
08Mrs. Norat SaberaRector Girls HostelMember09377758055
09Miss. Shahala HassanStudent Representative (Girls)Member-
10Prof. Junaid ShaikhHOD Electrical EngineeringMember-
11Prof. Mohammad ShakirHOD E&TCMember-
12Prof. Waseem SiddiquiHOD Computer Science &Engg.Member-
13Mr. Syed Noor AgaLibrarianMember-
14Prof. Junaid QuaziPhysical DirectorMember-
15Prof. Javid ShaikhPlacement OfficerMember-

Anti-Ragging Useful Information

Ragging is a criminal offence as per act No. 1098 (113/98) WISHI-3, 27/05/99.

If a case is to be made as per law the following procedure is to be followed:
  • Investigation by squad
  • Findings reported to the Principal
  • Discussions with committee by Principal to decide whether,
  • To go for FIR (within 24 hrs) with Police or Local Authorities- OR Whether punishment to be awarded by Anti-Ragging committee of the College.
  • Suspension from attending classes and academic privileges.
  • Withholding/ withdrawing scholarship/ fellowship and other benefits
  • Debarring from appearing in any test/ examination or other evaluation process.
  • Withholding results.
  • Debarring from representing the institution in any regional, national or international meet, tournament, youth festival, etc.
  • Suspension/ expulsion from the hostel.
  • Cancellation of admission.
  • Rustication from the institution for period ranging from one to four semesters.
  • Expulsion from the institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution for a specified period.
  • Where the persons committing or abetting the act of ragging are not identified, the college will resort to collective punishment.

(As per UGC Regulations, an appeal against the order of punishment by the Anti-Ragging Committee of JIEMSAKK lies with the Vice-Chancellor of Shivaji University, Kolhapur)

Grievance Redressal Cell

01Prof. Mrs. Siddiqui NaziyaAsst.ProfessorMember
02Mr. Sayyad ImtiyazOffice SuperintendentMember Secretary

Women Cell

Sexual Harassment Presentation cell (Student members)

01Miss. Shahala HasanB.E. CO
02Miss. Neha ParveenB.E. E&TC
03Miss. Anam SumeenT.E. E&TC
04Miss. Patil PayalT.E. E&TC
05Miss. Nishat ParveenT.E. E&TC
06Miss. Patel AarefaT.E.CO
07Miss.Patel WaseemaT.E.CO
08Miss. Neha ParveenT.E.CO